man i love mornings where you wake up and you dont have to do anything and the sun is shining and you can jus troll around for a bit before getting up and maybe theres breakfast for you ready it is the Hypest Shit

So… every day for you?


i went out with my brother today for his birthday and he ended up snooping around forbidden planet for 10 minutes for a life size cardboard cutout of karen gillan as amy pond

It was there last time I was there! Some bastard must have stolen her!


day 62. we found ourselves suddenly driving in the middle of a desert on more than one occasion today. also, searched for most unimaginably shitty gift for brother possible. succeeded dramatically

I’m shivering in anticipation.


mom had too many mojitos and started crying because she bought me a bag of lays

someone died & a bunch of people threw up but at least i have wifi

That’s another punch in the stomach for using the word ‘mom’.

So, I just came home today to a completely empty house to find the dishwasher inexplicably surrounded by a thick ring of salt. I don’t know whats going on, no one is here to answer my questions, but I strongly suspect a brave attempt may have been made to protect our unwashed cutlery from demons.


im going on vacation again suddenly bye

And of course, I’m left at home. Working. Not that you’d know anything about that. Also, next time I see you I’m punching you for using the word ‘vacation’.


the most terrifying feeling is when you cant remember what you just ate

That’s likely because you don’t eat anything.


It was pretty cool up to about 2pm till whenever everyone started piling in and children that think shouting is the way to formulate conversation, Scene kids dominated everywhere, Bronies appeared, and the people wearing outfits that obviously don’t flatter their figure came out in full force.


Pretty interesting? You didn’t have him talk at you about his 3DS for two hours.


wow i cant believe i didnt think id have fun at qcon look at all this sweet gear i raked in

i didnt think there’d be any homestucks either but i wore my heir of breath shirt so i was pretty much surrounded by sweethearts all day and im here thinking woah when did this weird island get cool people

a full list of anecdotal encounters lies within

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You forgot to mention creepy Mario-Pong stalker guy. That was just odd. And yes, I may have lost control very slightly a few times. Poor Klavier. I think I was the only person at the con to recognise the cosplay. And of course, even with the strangely large number of people attempting to cosplay ponies (despite not being quadrupedal) there was no Rarity. Of all the things that could possibly happen…